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"How to Heal Your Lover's Body Using Your Sexual Mind"

Why does anti-sexual Culture contend against Nature?

Sexual Health and love are at the root of our creation in this physical world, so our opinions of this world are based at this root. Unfortunately, sexual energy can and has been oppressed in the spirit, therefore, into physical/emotional character "armor." This armor creates a degenerate rather than natural personality. There are sexual degenerates who consider themselves 'open' to sexuality, yet they still treat it as a 'dirty' thing. Self-righteous emotional deserts pair the sexual function with satan wishing there was no sexuality at all; they are simply trying to 'jump the gun' into the spiritual world where sexuality is not necessary.

Throughout the ages, puritan minded people based on their religious beliefs on the "sins" of sexuality being labeled erroneously as "irregular motions of the flesh" even when a relationship is based in true love. When religious leaders go on their tirades to find scapegoat activities for evil in society, sexuality is one of the easiest targets because it's the most sensitive subject since it's one of the deepest, if not the deepest, basis for personal fear.

What are the Cosmic Origins of Sexuality?

If you shine some cosmic light on what sexuality in this physical world represents, then you can feel yourself as part of a much larger current. When you have knowledge and awareness of this current, the dynamics of what you do and who you are change drastically: Two or more energy streams complement each other by fusing into a dynamic vortex, a fusion of two equal, opposing, yet attracting forces to form galaxies, solar systems, planets, tornadoes, hurricanes, people, and all other forms of dynamic energy creation. Just because the scale is smaller does not mean the principle has changed.

The Cosmic Longing remains true - complimentary primordial energy forces always seek convergence. In humans and animal life, this is known as the sexual function.

God put us in this physical world so we can complete our lessons. Along with the spiritual, this means completion and perfection in the physical world through completion in our own creation, better known as Our Salvation. Coming to terms with our sexuality is the beginning of this completion. In applying healing sexuality to spirituality, you develop a sexual healing mindn. True love in a relationship creates true healing, physically and spiritually.

What is a good Taoist Sexology Reference?

This site is based on excerpts from "The Tao of Sexology, The Book of Infinite Wisdom" by Dr. Stephen Chang. Taoist Sexology is the best practice of human sexuality since it focuses on healing and spiritual connection between man and woman, so they can have true love together. One excerpt from Dr. Chang's book demonstrates this idea under 'Morning and Evening Prayers' in the chapter on 'Man and Woman Together:'

Love plus Truth equals True Love. True Love is certainly different from social love. Ideally, the love a person feels for his or her spouse is different from the love a person feels for a friend. Even close friends still have a distance between them.

Man and Woman should live together - not necessarily in the sense of physical cohabitation, but in the sense of mental and spiritual coexistence made possible by a sexual relationship. Men and women need each other for satisfying, for healing, balancing, and adjusting their physical bodies.

According to Taoist teachings, every part of the body is holy; the human being deserves nurturing, fulfillment, harmony, peace, enjoyment, a full and Divine Life. A full life is experienced through the use of Taoist Sexology. By the same token, a portion of the Divine Life will be experienced...

The extracts from Dr. Chang's book are for archival purposes as well as a humanitarian effort to provide man and woman a chance for true love through a path to divine ecstasy, therefore, true happiness. As the webmaster here, I should say that I do not ascribe to the Taoist religion. I ascribe to solid theories and practice of achieving the highest level human health and happiness through divinity with the strongest physical foundations. As this idea relates to espousals between man and woman, Taoist Sexology, with thousands of years of research and development in its foundation, provides all the necessary tools for health and satisfaction within a marriage to achieve true love.

True love requires man and woman to be a matching set, both physically and spiritually. For this reason, we first examine the facial features of our potential mate. We want to make sure that our genitalia is a proper fit with theirs, so all of the acupressure points meet each other during the sexual embrace. In fact, the facial features are used to determine the genitalia size and shape exactly because they are directly proportional within their acupuncture measurements; ears, hands, and feet are also key to determining size and shape of the body.

The Rest of the excerpts from The Tao of Sexology deal with increasing spiritual fulfillment through proper tension, charge, discharge, and release of energy during the orgasm function. Perfection in physical reality begins at the root of our creation which is the orgasm function. God gave us the orgasm function, so we can remember the true essence of heaven in His Creation.

Besides procreation, God gave Us these pleasure functions, so husband and wife in true love can truely give each other health, happiness, and spiritual ecstasy in . Their spiritual connection is grounded in their physical relationship. The Happier and Healthier they make each other, physically, the closer they are, spiritually. Tools such as a discreet orgasm sex toy vibrator for enhancing their relationship are perfectly natural. By the same token, the closer they are, spiritually, the greater their potential for making each other happy and healthy in the physical realm.

How do we get the "Keys to Happiness?"

Unfortunately, the sexual function can easily be perverted by life negative spirituality. Evil spawns sexual perversion, thereby distorting the true sexual function. Therefore, women and men must learn to push beyond negative cultural aspects of sexuality through their own purification exercises. As in martial arts, these exercises forge their bodies in the fire of their spirits.

I happen to believe in the the Taoist Sexology Axiom that the man is responsible for the health and happiness of his woman. If her health and/or happiness fails in any way, then the he is to blame. For a woman to be truely happy, the man has to be able to bring her to the ninth level of orgasm or the ninth wave. To do this, the man must learn a key exercise for increasing his potency and stamina called healing holdbacks.

I've been called a mongrel many times because I ascribe to a number of schools of thought without completely espousing myself to one particular school, or religion, or culture. I believe in taking the best ideas and practices from art, culture, spirituality and science and making them my own. For example, I'm always pushing the fact that we are spiritual beings intimately connected to physical bodies; this is a Kabbalist school of thought, but I'm not Kabbalist. The same goes for Taoist Sexology; I'm not Taoist, but I respect many of the ideas and I've made them my own.

I'm intensely individual that way. Spiritually, we are all the best of everything; no matter how you look at it, we are the same - as long as we're individual.

A sexual healing mind is one that understands the necessity of a healthy physical foundation for a complete spiritual connection, between lovers. This is where real magic happens.

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