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The Male Rhythm Theory

Everything in the universe has its rhythm and cycles, and human beings are no exception.  Women have monthly menstrual cycles.  And, although it is not very obvious, men also have cycles.  According to ancient Taoist texts, men have certain time intervals in which they can ejaculate without doing harm to themselves.  The periods of time between these intervals are utilized for replenishing lost vital energy and nutrients.  A formula for determining an individual's particular rhythm is:

Age X 0.2 = frequency of ejaculation in days

If a man is thirty years old, then his rhythm is 6 days (30 X 0.2 = 6).  A thirty year old man in good health can have an ejaculation every 6 days without harming himself.  A twenty year old man will be able to ejaculate every four days; a fifty year old man, every ten days; and so on.  Of course, a man will still lose vital energy from ejaculating, but adherence to his ejaculation rhythm will build up his energy reserves again.  In other words, he breaks even and his energy "bank account" remains balanced.

With excessive, unregulated sex--frequent ejaculation--a man's energy reserves are soon depleted.  If this continues, the man will be living a "blank check" lifestyle, a lifestyle that will only end in early death.  By using the above formula, a man can regulate his ejaculations and, at least, maintain a "balanced account"; he is not going to get any richer, but, at least, he will not get any poorer. 

In between ejaculations, a man can still have intercourse as often as he wants, but he must use the Holdbacks and experience the Superior Orgasm.

The Rhythm Theory provides a man with a formula for determining how often he can safely have an ejaculation.  Please remember that the goal of Taoism is to acquire and maintain as much energy as possible and to lose as little energy as possible.  Ideally, a man should not ejaculate at all outside of conception.  The practice of the Rhythm Theory is recommended only if you feel you must have an ejaculation.

The Rhythm Theory only applies to men who are carrying on a "regular" human sex life.  For those of you who are following the Taoist philosophy, consciously try to increase your energy, and making your own body healthier and younger, it is necessary that you determine your own individual rhythm.  You can do this by having an ejaculation and then avoiding sex and sex-related thoughts for a number of days (remember the poster of that cat, "Hang in there, baby"?).  During this experiment you should avoid your partner(s). 

To avoid misunderstanding, you should explain to your partner that you are conducting an experiment to determine your personal rhythm.  After several days have passed you will probably begin to feel a slight increase in sexual desire...  Try to ignore it.  As your desire increases over the days, continue to avoid any sexual stimulation.  Finally, when you come to the point where you absolutely must have sex, you will know that you have reached the peak of your rhythm. (Hopefully, your partner will be there too!) 

The number of days that have passed since your last ejaculation indicates the exact number of days in your own particular rhythm.  Then you will know how often you can experience an ejaculation without doing real harm to yourself (and there has never been a known fatality of a personal "explosion").

Finding your own precise rhythm by direct experience will also help you determine your true biological age.  You can determine this age by using the Rhythm Theory Formula in reverse.  For example, if your cycle is four days, then your biological age is twenty, regardless of your chronological age:

4(days) / 0.2 = 20 years of age

If your cycle is sixteen days, your biological age is eighty (16 days / 0.2 = 80 years).  This is so even if your chronological age is only forty.

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