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Excerpts from Ch. 9 The Tao of Sexology, "Man and Woman Together: Superior Orgasm"

Nine Levels of Orgasm in the Female

"Do women orgasm like men?"

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How many Levels of Orgasm can take place in Women?  The Nine Levels

The secretions a woman produces during orgasm are unlike those of a man; it is a form of odorless, colorless, and opaque mucus, which is of little nutritional value.  The rectum produces the same type of mucus.  When a man or woman has a rectal orgasm the same white mucus is produced; this is where the similarity ends.

A woman's orgasm is completely different from a man's. The inability to tell the difference between male and female orgasms are the direct and indirect causes of much of humanity's pain (i.e. the male/female schism).  A man's orgasm can be delineated as a sharp peak; a woman's as a series of upward rising slopes followed by one declining slope. The only path that will lead a couple to sexual compatibility, sexual enjoyment, sexual satisfaction, and unification is the path of understanding (i.e. thorough understanding) of these two different orgasms. Acquisition of knowledge is the first step toward understanding male and female orgasms.  

To facilitate the study of female orgasms, the female orgasm has been separated into nine steps or stages of experience.  In reality, these nine steps are joined together in various degrees of overlap creating a multilevel experience.  

A woman in orgasm can be described as a blooming lotus flower.  A woman experiencing a complete orgasm, all nine levels of orgasm, undergoes nine stages of blossoming until she finally opens up and surrenders herself to the man who has served her.

Nine Levels of Orgasm in the Female
9 Levels of Orgasm in the Female

Each level of orgasm energizes certain parts of the body and evokes a certain observable and predictable response in the woman:

Woman's 9 Levels of Orgasms


Energized Organ(s)

Observable Response



The woman sighs, breathes heavily, and salivates.



The woman, while kissing the man, extends her tongue out to him.  According to Su Wen, or Classic of the Internal by the Yellow Emperor, the tongue corresponds to the heart.


Spleen, Pancreas, and Stomach

As her muscles become activated the woman grasps and holds the man tightly.


Kidneys and Bladder

Women experience a series of vaginal spasms at this time and secretions begin to flow.



The woman's joints loosen and she begins to bite the man.


Liver and Nerves

The woman undulates and gyrates like a snake-trying to wrap her arms and legs around the man.



The woman's blood is "boiling" and she is frantically trying to touch the man every where.



Her muscles totally relax.  She bites even more and grabs the man's nipples.


The entire body is energized

She collapses in a "little death." She completely surrenders to the man and is completely opened up.

Many men, even women, mistake the vaginal spasm at Level Four for a complete orgasm, but as you can see-that is not even half of a complete orgasm.  Unfortunately, most sex manuals support the former view, particularly since they are usually written by men.  They consider the observable responses at the fourth level as the total orgasm; (this narrow perspective reflects a scientific cretinism in conventional medicine as well).  They assume that women have the same kind of orgasm as men, that women climb up, reach a peak, and then drop; (this drop is thought to be slower than that of men).  This is untrue.

This incomplete orgasm has been called "coming together" in most sexology books.  It has also been described as the perfect happiness or the highest harmony.  It has even been praised as the dreamiest territory a couple can reach.  But there are higher realms of happiness and harmony awaiting those who practice Taoist Sexology.

Once the woman reaches Level Four, it becomes easier for the man to bring her to higher levels of orgasm.  Just a little movement can advance her to the next level, the level beyond that, and so on, until she reaches the ninth and complete level of orgasm.

What happens when Women do Not Experience Complete Orgasms?

If a woman is having trouble with certain organs (e.g. kidneys, stomach, etc.), it could well be than an imbalance resulted from her never passing beyond the corresponding orgasmic level in lovemaking.  The repeated interruption of orgasm at a certain level creates an energy imbalance in the corresponding organs. (Please refer to above table.)

Many women never experience a true orgasm simply due to the husband's mistaken intentions, always leaving them at Level Four.  (Let's face it: Where are men learning about women's orgasms?  It's hardly a scientific presentation in school.)  Actually, it is very common for the man to finish when the woman is at Level Four because he, as well as many others, believe that this level is the real orgasm.

It is important to say here that because a woman can only be satisfied by a man, it is the man's obligation and duty to perform this function.  Man's role is to serve and if the woman is not satisfied, it is the man's responsibility. A woman is in the position of opening up and receiving in her orgasmic state (thus her real attitude is not "Do it again," but "Finish Me.")  If a man completely pleases his woman, he will receive her unconditional love.  This is a fact of life.

What is the Importance of Reflexology to Female Masturbation?

We have pointed out the problems that men have with masturbation, that is, the over-stimulation of some areas of the penis and the resulting over stimulation of the related organs through reflexology.  With women the problems are similar.  When they masturbate they stimulate the clitoris, ignoring or giving little attention to the vaginal channel itself.  In terms of reflexology, the vagina is related to the rest of the body in the same way as the penis, only in reverse order. (See Reflexology Zones of the Vagina) 

What are the Reflexology Points of the Vagina?

As you study the reflexology points of the vagina you will see that the kidney zone is located at the entrance of the vagina, the liver zone is behind the kidney zone, the spleen-pancreas zone is in the middle of the channel, the lung zone is in the middle, and the heart zone is at the end of the vaginal channel. 

reflexology zones of the vagina, Click and compare to men's
Reflexology Zones of the Vagina

During normal intercourse, when the penis penetrates all the way into the vagina, there is lung-to-lung contact, heart-to-heart contact, and so on, as the reflexology zones of the penis make contact with the corresponding zones of the vagina.  In this way the two partners stimulate each other.  This is the ideal, certainly the most pleasurable, form of reflexology.  This is how two bodies become one.

If a woman masturbates in an unbalanced way, that is, without stimulating the entire vaginal area evenly, weaknesses in the kidneys and urinary tract, high blood pressure, water retention, irregular menstruation, and many other problems may result.  Unfortunately, it is difficult for women to masturbate in a balanced manner.

Women have the advantage during intercourse.  They can reach orgasm as often as they want, without fear of losing nutrition or energy like a man, for there is no semen equivalent for them to lose.  What is harmful for women is the loss of blood through menstruation, which is discussed next.

Matching Vaginal and Penile Reflexology Zones
Matching Vaginal and Penile Reflexology Zones

Many women, when they masturbate by stimulating the clitoris, complain that they feel like urinating.  The clitoris is located at the entrance to the vagina, where reflexology zones for the kidneys and bladder are located.  When they stimulate the clitoris, they unknowingly stimulate their kidneys and bladder.   Lesbian women or women who masturbate excessively tend to develop fluid retention and related weight problems.  This is because sexual stimulation, centered around the area of the clitoris, exhausts the over-stimulated kidneys, which then lose their ability to filter the body fluids sufficiently. 

And you wonder why diets never work! For the men reading this: If you have a chunky girlfriend, you obviously must devote a little more time to her sex life! "Are you retaining water honey? I'll fix that!"

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