Deer Exercise Health Benefits for Women
Excerpts from Ch. 8, The Tao of Sexology, "The Female"

Spiritual Journey is Healing

What is a healthy way to stop menstruation in order to maintain female sexual health?

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Discussion on The Deer Exercise for Women:
Healing and Rejuvenation
[Compare to Male Deer Exercise]

Taoist Sexology provides a way for a young, fertile woman to eliminate her menstrual period in a safe way. If the Deer Exercise, parts one and two, is performed over a period of time, menstruation ceases and countless benefits emerge.

Normally every month, the outer linings of the uterine walls thicken with blood vessels for the anticipated implantation of the fertilized egg. If an egg is fertilized by a sperm, it attaches to the thickened walls and begins to invade the nutrient-rich walls. Absorbing nutriments from the maternal blood, the egg grows continuously until it becomes a fully-developed baby. If fertilization of the egg never occurs, no implantation will take place and the thick lining of blood will be sloughed off, because it is no longer needed. A great deal of blood and nutrients are lost during the monthly sloughings, or menstruation.

The Deer Exercise stops menstruation. Some women are reluctant to stop menstruation because they think it is "unnatural." But there is no need to worry. Cessation of menstruation is actually not a strange event: Menstruation stops immediately during menopause, pregnancy, or nursing.

When a woman is pregnant, the body instinctively absorbs the supply of blood and directs all of it to the thriving egg. The blood and energy normally lost during menstruation are then used by the sexual glands in particular to benefit the fetus. After birth, if the mother nurses the newborn, menstruation will not immediately resume, as the blood will be directed to the breasts for conversion to milk.

By stopping menstruation with the Deer Exercise, the woman triggers the body's inner intelligence or instinct to redirect the blood to nourish and strengthen the sexual glands.

WARNING: When a woman's menstrual cycle does stop, pregnancy is not likely to occur during that time. Nevertheless, historical records show that whenever a woman discontinued the Deer Exercise, her menstrual cycle would resume, with the benefit of a prospect for a healthier pregnancy. Also, stopping menstruation had no permanent effects.

The other benefits of the Deer Exercise are numerous and noteworthy. One of them is natural estrogen production. The exercise stimulates the production of the female hormone estrogen and causes it to spread throughout the vagina, uterus, breasts, and ovaries. A surge in estrogen levels can greatly relieve the symptoms of menopause and rejuvenate a woman. An added benefit is that the increase in estrogen results naturally and that the body naturally balances the increased estrogen level with other substances.

The fact that estrogen is produced naturally is very important. The body knows what amount of estrogen it needs at any given time. A doctor administering man-made estrogen, a drug that is not balanced with the other substances normally occurring within the body, cannot know what exact level of the hormone is needed in the bloodstream. Every hour the hormone levels in the blood changes and it would be impossible to follow it. Moreover, man-made estrogen will eventually cause problems by either over- or under-dosing. The body is the best judge of the amount of estrogen to be released because its sensitive sensors are on the alert every second of the day.

The Deer Exercise also eliminates the problems related to the menstrual period, even in the middle of a period. These problems include emotional ups and downs, water retention, hormone blockages, cramps, and abnormal flow of blood. A light menstrual flow indicates blockage and body poisoning. If the period suddenly stops without the influence of the Deer Exercise, disease is indicated.

The vagina also benefits from the Deer Exercise. It becomes tighter, meatier, and more flexible. So a woman who has had children can greatly benefit from the Deer, as the man's pleasure is increased during intercourse. Childbirth can leave the vagina loose and enlarged, resulting in a great loss of penile sensation for her partner during intercourse. By performing the exercise, a woman can become like a virgin again because the vagina is automatically exercised, energized, and tightened. I might mention that there is a technique that women can use during intercourse which is very pleasing to her partner.

When the man thrusts, she relaxes the vagina. When he withdraws, she tightens it. This is a wonderful technique, and if a woman is concerned about holding her partner's sexual interest, this, along with a tight, virgin-like vagina almost guarantees it. He will keep his interest because he will know there is no one better.

Instructions for the Woman's Deer Exercise

NOTE: As you do the two steps of this exercise, "feel" the fire or energy generate in your sexual glands and feel it rise upward along the spine into the breast and the head. Visualization is NOT necessary to guide the energy. Meditation from the root energy or sexual energy does not require visualization since this primordial energy has the greatest motility.

In women, it is energy from this source that is easiest to stray into undue sexual fantasy, therefore, promiscuity and infidelity. Women must guide their sexual energy into areas that improve their health and well being rather than sublimate this energy with empty activities. Linking mind and body is a prerequisite for the harmonious and powerful functioning of vital energy. Bringing this energy to the pineal gland in the head is the Divine purpose.

[See Female Dear Exercise, Step 1]

  1. Sit so that you can press the heel of one foot against the opening of your vagina. You will want a steady and fairly firm pressure against the clitoris. If it is not possible to place your foot in this position, then place a fairly hard, round object such as a baseball against the vaginal opening.

    (You may experience a pleasant sensation due to the stimulation of the genital area and the subsequent release of sexual energy.)

  2. Rub your hands together vigorously. This will create heat in your by bringing the energy of your body into your palms and fingers.

  3. Place your hands on your breasts so that you feel the heat from your hands enter into the skin.

  4. Rub your breasts slowly in outward, circular motions. Your right hand will turn counter-clockwise; your left, clockwise.

  5. Rub in this circular manner for a minimum of thirty-six times or a maximum of 360 times up to two times a day. Note: Incidentally, it is not necessary to do 360 hand rotations once a woman has succeeded in stopping her period. Less than 100 rotations, twice a day, will suffice to maintain a suspension of menstruation once it has stopped. A woman is the best judge of when she should suspend or resume menstruation. Resumption occurs after cessation of the exercise.

    SECOND STAGE: This exercise can be done sitting or lying down.
  1. First, tighten the muscles of your vagina and anus as if you were trying to close both openings, and then try to draw your rectum upward inside the body, further contracting the anal muscles. When done properly this will feel as if air is being drawn up into your rectum and vagina. Hold these muscles tight for as long as you can comfortably.

  2. Relax and repeat the anal and vaginal contractions. Do this as many times as you wish.

    Note: Slow, deep inhales with contractions and slow, deep exhales with relaxations may help. (See Intro to QiGong and Ha-Tha Yoga Breathing Exercises for reference.) You may insert a finger into the vagina when you do the contractions, to determine the strength of your contractions.

    The lips of the vagina are sensitive and must be massaged and stimulated during the Deer Exercise. Sitting on the heel of a foot or a ball serves this purpose. Finger pressure also serves this purpose, but if finger pressure is used on the vaginal lips, it is important to rub the lips and press each point shown in the next Figure: Pressure Points surrounding the Vagina. Start by moving clockwise from pressure point 1.

    Or you can have your partner rub the vagina. This is very beneficial because the energy that flows through the hands of the partner flows into the body of the other. (In the Male Deer Exercise, the woman can do the rubbing and holding of the testicles.)

    If a woman finds it tiring to use both hands at once to do the breast rubbing, she can use one hand on the opposite breast while the other hand rests. Or, the free hand can be used to stimulate the vaginal opening in place of the heel. (No, you can't just strap vibrators all over and lay back - unless you have some type of programmable, android masseuse with artificial intelligence.)

    Another method is that the man rubs both breasts while the woman rubs or presses her vagina with her hand. As you can see, this is a very flexible exercise which can be adapted to individual preference.

[See Pressure Points surrounding the Vagina]

The first few anal and vaginal contractions may be hard to do. Eventually, you will be able to increase the number of times you can do it as well as the length of time you are able to hold the contractions - When done properly, a pleasant feeling will be felt to travel from the base of the anus through the spinal column to the top of the head. This is caused by the build-up of sexual energy and its movement up through the glandular system to the pineal gland and the top of the head.

The outward rubbing of the breasts (as described above) is called "dispersion," and it helps prevent lumps and cancer of the breast. It will also decrease the size of breasts that are too large and flabby. Reversing this direction to an inward motion, so that the right hand circles clockwise and the left hand circles counter-clockwise, is called "stimulation" and its effect is to enlarge under-sized breasts.

[See Deer Exercise: Breast Massage]

Do this exercise in the morning upon rising and at night before retiring. When you practise the Deer Exercise, try to avoid touching the nipples. A woman's nipples are very sensitive and easily over-stimulated. If the exercise is done correctly, a woman will notice an increased sensitivity in her nipples.

Discussion on Menstruation and the Menstrual Cycle

    A woman's sexual organ system consists of four inter-related parts:
  1. the vagina,
  2. the uterus,
  3. the ovaries,
  4. and the breasts.

Their inter-relationship can be observed during the course of pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing. Menstruation ceases during these events, and the blood that would be lost during menstruation goes to nourish the baby. After the child is born, the blood is converted to milk for nursing. Menstruation resumes only when nursing stops.

Stimulating the breasts either through nursing or massage, as in the Deer Exercise, actually stimulates all the sexual organs. Most women find this exercise very pleasurable. Many even reach orgasm with it.

The Deer Exercise stops menstruation for the same reason that nursing prevents it. When the Deer Exercise is performed, the body reacts just as if a baby were regularly sucking on the breast; the body rushes blood to the breasts rather than the uterus. Taoists refer to this phenomenon as "turning back the blood" because it reenergizes the entire body, especially the sexual organs.

[See The Uterus: Absorption of Blood]

[See Strengthening the Female System]

For thousands of years, it was effectively used as a technique of family planning. But, it was mainly used for maintaining a youthful countenance. Historical records show that women famous for their beauty consistently use the technique even after giving birth to many children.

The length of time required to stop the menstrual cycle varies with every individual. Most women accomplish this within two weeks to six months, but some require as long as a year. All that can be said is that if you practice the exercise diligently, it will happen.

Women should NOT perform the Deer Exercise during pregnancy. The energy generated by the exercise combined with the accompanying increased stimulation of the sexual glands might induce premature labor. Using the Deer Exercise during the menstrual period is permissible. In fact, women have told me that it brings almost immediate relief from menstrual discomfort.

Doing this exercise will also correct menstrual irregularities. It will eliminate menstrual cramps and strengthen sexual ability. If you do the exercise with more than the recommended minimum of thirty-six hand rotations twice a day, as much as 360 times twice a day, you can stop menstruation totally. But on one condition: You must not let your thoughts wander onto other matters.

When doing the Deer Exercise it is important to concentrate on the Divine purpose (i.e. rest your mind, physically, on where you want the energy to go and what you want it to accomplish), since it is easy to become sexually stimulated. If the menstrual period does not stop, practice the Deer more frequently. Work at it a little harder and concentrate on the Divine purpose, even when the body becomes stimulated.

The Deer Exercise will not prolong a woman's fertile period. Menopause will still arrive on schedule at the time specified by the individual's biological clock. However, you will not suffer any of the problems connected with menopause.

The biological aging process will stop at the point where the Deer Exercise begins to work. If you stop your period at age twenty, you will never look older than twenty years of age. The earlier you begin the Deer Exercise, the younger and healthier you will be. (This also applies to men.)

Many students used this method to assist family planning.they were extremely satisfied with it because no chemicals, surgery, side-effects, etc. were involved.

To benefit from the Deer, you must be devoted to your purpose. Just saying, "I should learn the Deer Exercise" is not enough. Just do it

Note: The Deer Exercise, like any form of meditation requires a discipline to which most people in the western world are not accustomed. A quiet time and place provided by an understanding family and/or friends would be a great contributor to your success. Finding your quiet, beautiful place devoid of interference may seem like the best way to meditate, but remember: When You return you must keep the peace you have gained. Your energy must flow like the Still Waters of The Great River.

Discussion on Female Problems including Abortion and Hysterectomy

From the viewpoint of medical science, there is nothing wrong with the removal of a uterus as a "cure" for certain disorders or with the tying of Fallopian tubes (tubal ligation) as a means of birth control. From the Taoist viewpoint, such actions are almost sinful, since vital parts of the female sexual organ system are damaged. These organs play vital roles throughout a woman's life. If one part of her sexual organ system is missing or nonfunctional, the remaining parts will all be harmed. For example, many women suffer from headaches, nervousness, indigestion, hot flashes, and false "heart attacks" after a hysterectomy.

As mentioned before, a woman has a four-part system: the breasts, vagina, ovaries, and uterus. If one part is lost, the whole system is affected. When the entire system collapses, the Seven Glands collapse. When the Seven Glands collapse, the entire body is affected. For these reasons, it would be wise to reverse surgical procedures (wherein the Female Deer Exercise may be able to compensate.).

To demonstrate to yourself the consequences of disjointure, try the following experiment. Wrap a rubber band tightly around one finger. When you can not stand the discomfort a second longer, remove the rubber band immediately. Leaving the rubber band on too long can damage the finger severely. From this graphic example, you can infer what the consequences are for Fallopian tube tying or tubal ligation. Every part of the body is connected, and any blockage can cause severe problems.

The Deer Exercise may help alleviate some of the problems resulting from hysterectomy by helping the remaining six glands. It energizes the other six glands and helps compensate for the hormonal imbalance brought about by the loss of the sexual organ.

Breast lumps are the result of blockages. When the circulatory flow in the breasts is blocked for any reason, the consequences will be the appearance of soreness or lumps in the area. The Deer Exercise eliminates any existing blockages to facilitate energy or blood circulation. In this way, future blockages or breast problems will be prevented.

The Deer Exercise helps in the treatment of fibroid tumors, which cause changes to take place in the uterus. Since the Deer Exercise strengthens the uterus, it is very possible that, if you do the exercise faithfully, fibroid tumors will not become a problem for you in the future because your uterus will be strong and resistant to such an intrusion.

Abortion always causes physical damage to a woman. The fertilized egg attaches itself strongly to the uterus and is really part of the woman's body for two or three months. During an abortion, the fetus is torn away from the uterus. Tearing away a fetus that is rooted in the walls of the uterus causes damage to the entire uterus, damage that can lead to cancer in the future. From the Taoist point of view, abortion is unwise and unnecessary.

Tying the Fallopian tubes causes a blockage which interrupts the flow of vital energy in the body. As mentioned before, this is also true for men who have had their vas deferens tied. Every part of a human being's body is interlinked by one circulatory system. If possible, it is better to reconnect the vas deferens in order to remove the blockage.

Discussion on Frigidity

There is not one absolutely frigid or non-orgasmic woman in the world. Any woman is capable of sexual response under the right circumstances.

The right setting for sex is important. A bath, comfortable and quiet surroundings, a relaxed and peaceful frame of mind, maybe a little massage, followed by gentle foreplay, kissing, and stroking-all contribute to the proper state of mind and receptivity to intercourse.

The right technique is also important. During intercourse, an often repeated mistake is engaging in a frantic race to orgasm. Utilization of a technique, called the Sets of Nine, will bring a woman to a complete orgasm. This technique will be explained in another chapter.

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