The Deer Exercise for Men: Rejuvenation and Increased Arousal Period
Excert from Ch. 7 The Tao of Sexology, "The Male"

Spiritual Journey is Healing

"What is an ancient method to increase sexual health in men?"

  1. Introduction: What is the Male Deer Exercise?
  2. Instructions for the Male Deer Exercise
  3. Esoteric Discussion on Sexual Energy
  4. How Erection is Used to Determine Biological Age
  5. Male Body Dimensions Calculator
  6. How to Check the Health of Your Prostate
  7. Male Masturbation and Reflexology
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Introduction: What is the Male Deer Exercise?

Thousands of years ago, Taoist sages selected three animals which were noted for longevity from the many: the deer, the crane, and the turtle. One of these, the deer, was also noted for its strong sexual and reproductive abilities. The sages minutely observed the behavior that seemed to contribute to the deer's abilities. They saw that the deer exercised its anus when it wiggled its tail. After studying the results of the exercise, the sages immediately adopted the principle and redesigned it for human use. Thus, the Deer Exercise was born.

The Deer Exercise achieves four important objectives. First of all, it builds up the tissues of the sexual organs. Secondly, it draws energy up through six of the Seven Glands of the body into the pineal gland to elevate spirituality. (There is a hormone pathway that leads from the prostate, connects with the adrenal glands, and continues on to the other glands.) Concurrently, blood circulation in the abdominal area is increased. This rush of blood helps transport the nutrients and energy of the semen to the rest of the body.

When energy is brought up into the pineal gland, a chill or tingling sensation is felt to ascend through the spine to reach the head. It feels a little like an orgasm. If you feel a sensation in the area of the pineal gland, but do not feel the tingling sensation in the middle of your back, do not worry. Your sensitivity will increase with experience. If after some time you still cannot sense the progress of energy, certain problems must be taken care of first.

Self-determination is the third benefit derived from the Deer Exercise. If one gland in the Seven Glands system is functioning below par, the energy shooting up the spine will stop there. A weakness is indicated, and special attention should be given to that area. For example, if the thymus gland is functioning poorly, the energy will stop there. The energy will continue to stop there until the thymus gland is healed. When the thymus is again functioning normally, the energy will then move further up along the spine toward the pineal gland. If the energy moves all the way up to your head during the Deer Exercise, it indicates that all the Seven Glands are functioning well and that there is no energy blockage in the body. If you do not feel anything during the Deer Exercise, a blockage is indicated. The movement of energy can be felt by everyone if no dysfunctions are encountered.

The fourth benefit of the Deer Exercise is that it builds up sexual ability and enables the man to prolong sexual intercourse. During ordinary intercourse the prostate swells with semen to maximum size before ejaculating. At ejaculation, the prostate shoots out its contents in a series of contractions then sexual intercourse ends. With nothing left to ejaculate, induce contractions, or maintain an erection. When energy is lost during ejaculation, the man cannot continue to make love. But, if he uses the Deer Exercise to pump semen out of the prostate in small doses, pumping it in the other direction into the other glands and blood vessels, he can prolong intercourse (and his physical life).

Under ordinary circumstances, when the Deer Exercise is not used during intercourse, it is harmful to interrupt orgasm or prolong intercourse by abnormal means. During prolonged sex, the prostate remains expanded for a long time, unrelieved by the pumping action of ejaculation, until the semen is carried away by the blood stream, but the prostate is like a rubber band; it has an elastic memory. It must be allowed to snap back to its original form, otherwise continuous extension will bring about a loss of elasticity. When the prostate loses its elasticity, its function is impaired and it is damaged. The Deer Exercise prolongs orgasm and intercourse, but it protects the prostate by relieving it.

The Deer is a physical exercise as well as a mental and spiritual exercise. It improves one's sexual abilities as it builds up the energy reserves within the body. Over time, the mental processes are heightened as well, and the outcome is often a growing feeling of inner tranquility, which is a necessary prerequisite for the unfolding of one's spirituality.

Instructions for the Male Deer Exercise

This exercise may be done standing, sitting, or lying down.

[See Male Deer Exercise]


    (The purpose of this stage is to encourage semen production.)
  1. .Rub the palms of your hands together vigorously. This creates heat in your hands by bringing the energy of your body into your hands and palms.

  2. . With your right hand, cup your testicles so that the palm of your hand completely covers them. (This exercise is best done without clothing.) Do not squeeze. Just a slight pressure should be felt, as well as the heat from your hand.

  3. . Place the palm of your left hand on the area of your pubis, about one inch below your navel.

  4. . With a slight pressure so that a gentle warmth begins to build in the area of your pubis, move your left hand in clockwise or counter-clockwise circles eighty one times.

  5. . Rub your hands together vigorously again.

  6. . Reverse the position of your hands so that your left hand cups your testicles and your right hand is on your pubis. Repeat the circular rubbing in the opposite direction another eighty-one times. Concentrate on this area below the navel (called the 'hara', 'tan tien', or 'svadhisthana' in different cultures), and feel the warmth grow. For all Taoist exercises, it is very important - even necessary - that you concentrate on the spiritual purpose of the physical motions, for doing so will enhance the results. It will unify the body and mind to bring full power to your vital energy.

    There is no need to use the mind to force energy through the conception vessel (e.g. by imagining fires growing in the pubic area, or any other area). Since the conception vessel IS the primal energy channel formed in the embryo after conception the energy already knows where to go. God put it there!


  1. . Tighten the muscles around your anus and draw them up and in. When done properly it will feel as if air is being drawn up your rectum, or as if your entire anal area is being drawn in and upward. Tighten as hard as you can and hold as long as you are able to do so comfortably.

  2. . Stop and relax a moment.

  3. . Repeat the anal contractions. Do this as many times as you can without feeling discomfort. As you do the second stage of the exercise, look for a tingling sensation (similar to an electric shock) ascend along the pathway of the Seven Glands. The sensation lasts for fractions of a second and results naturally.

    Do not try to force this with mental images. Some teachings suggest that thoughts should be used to help or guide energy flow. There are certain primal channels in the body where guiding the Chi is not necessary. The Conception Vessel is one of them.

At first you may find that you are able to hold the anal sphincter muscles tight for only a few seconds. Please persist. After several weeks you will be able to hold the muscles tight for quite a while without experiencing weariness or strain.

To determine whether or not the Deer Exercise is having an effect on the prostate gland, try this test: as you urinate, try to stop the flow of urine entirely through anal muscle contractions. If you are able to do so, then the exercise is effective.

Pressure is being placed on the prostate gland as it is gently massaged by the tightening action of the anal muscles. The anus can be thought of as a little motor which pumps the prostate gland. When stimulated the prostate begins to secrete hormones, such as endorphins, to produce a natural high. When the prostate goes into spasms a small orgasm is experienced. By alternately squeezing and relaxing the anus during the Deer Exercise, a natural high is produced without having to jog ten miles or endure its side-effects

Do this exercise in the morning upon rising and before retiring at night.

The Deer Exercise can correct many sexual problems, including premature ejaculation, low sexual hormone levels, infections of the testicles, wet dreams, and impotence.

The Deer Exercise is especially effective for treating premature ejaculation, particularly if the man, plagued by this problem, does the exercise immediately before making love. If the man relaxes his anus as he thrusts into the vagina and squeezes the anus as he pulls out, his endurance will be greatly improved. The second part of the Deer Exercise helps the prostate as it improves sexual intercourse.

Premature ejaculation and semen leakage are commonly thought to be psychological in nature. Wet dreams are regarded as normal by mainstream medical science. Actually, wet dreams indicate a weakness of the prostate gland. Premature ejaculation is also an indication of a weak prostate gland.

During intercourse, tension which builds up over a period of about twenty minutes will be absorbed effortlessly by a healthy prostate. A weak prostate will not handle tension as well as a healthy one, and it will immediately release its contents.

The Deer Exercise corrects nocturnal emissions immediately. A police officer was having three wet dreams nightly. He could do nothing to prevent the wet dreams from occurring. The doctors be consulted said that there was nothing wrong with him, that the problem was "all in his mind". He was single at the time and they even suggested that finding a wife would solve his problems. When he asked me for advice, I gave him the instructions for the Deer Exercise. The first night he began the Deer Exercise, he had no wet dreams. They never occurred again.

Many men corrected premature ejaculation through practicing the Deer Exercise. A husband, hoping to satisfy his wife, had completely depleted himself by forcing himself to make love for long periods of time, by trying everything he could to prevent premature ejaculation, and by trying everything he could to get another erection each time he ejaculated prematurely. But both of them were never satisfied. Both of them were angry, unhappy, frustrated, and exhausted. During the many years of consulting psychiatrists and doctors, they were told many things. They were told that the wife was responsible for their unhappiness. Some told her that she should be patient and that she should "turn on" her husband more. Others said that she should turn him on less. Another advice was that she should control everything herself and allow him to relax.

They also heard the opposite theory; that she should let him control the lovemaking. Everyone had a different theory, but none of them worked. After two weeks of practicing the Deer Exercise and pressing the 'Million-Dollar' Point, the problem was gone. The husband's prostate was strengthened, his confidence was restored, and his wife was satisfied. It was simple.

Those likeliest to experience premature ejaculation are those who are young and inexperienced, those who exercise too much (hitting the wall), those who undergo vigorous military training (tight pants, emotional tension), those who have weak nervous systems, and those who have rapidly swelling prostates.

All of these men have sensitive nerves and sensitive prostates, and the slightest stimuli will trigger rapid swelling and pumping of their prostates. These men must desensitize themselves through the Deer Exercise and massage Prostate Massage, which strengthen the prostate. A strong prostate handles stimuli much more effectively, and erections and pleasure are prolonged.

Problems of the prostate can also be prevented through practicing the Deer Exercise. Any man who has visited his traditional western medical doctor (they prefer to entertain titles like 'gastroenterologist' rather than 'proctologist') with a small prostate problem is familiar with the usual treatment: The doctor inserts his finger into the man's rectum and massages the prostate gland. This method relieves some of the problems, momentarily. This massage is accomplished automatically and thoroughly with regular practice of the Deer Exercise. The exercise gives a complete internal massage by flexing the muscles involved.

Esoteric Discussion on Sexual Energy

There are different forms of energy such as mechanical, heat, sound, radiant, atomic, and electrical. We emit different forms of energy on many levels, mainly the energy of creation. Living energy not only has different characteristics from the energy of decay as aforementioned; it also exists at quantum levels. In fact, a recent discovery of a superconducting structure in each cell of our bodies implies our spiritual connection to God through a collective consciousness.

This consciousness happens to form the energy grid in our bodies known as the meridians, vessels, and chakras which mirror that of our planet's known as "ley lines" and "the earth grid." There will be another article on this later, but you can be sure that we are all part of a higher reality which is deeply connected to our sexuality. The only hinderence to shifting from sexual to spiritual energies is cultural attitude.

There are many areas in our lives where energy guided through visualization has tapped into that unused 65 to 70% of our brain capacities and has somehow made our lives better. Since this meditation exercise is of a sexual (primal) nature the primal channel or conception vessel already knows the path to take-from conception. Meditation from the root energy or sexual energy does not require visualization since this energy has the greatest motility. Therefore, it is the easiest to stray into sexual fantasy.

In fact, we want to raise our spiritual awareness through sexual energy. (Ancient cultures practicing their 'sex economy' throughout the millenia live today to tell the tale. Why can't we? As you can tell, I am not Taoist at all. I simply take from the eclectic teachings that which truly fits in a scientific realm including any recent discoveries.)

How Erection is Used to Determine Biological Age

[See erection angle as measured from vertical line of body]

Angle varies with age. This research shows that the erection angle can also be used as a determination of health or biological age. The erection angle is the angle made by the penis and the torso:

[See hand as a tool in measuring biological age]

The correlation between age and erection angle is best remembered by looking at your hand. By looking at the fingers, you can also determine the power of the erection:

  1. ) A healthy teenage male's erection forms about a 45 degree angle with his torso. (The erection is represented by the thumb, which protrudes at a 45 degree angle.

  2. ) A healthy male in his twenties has an erection that forms about a 60 degree angle with his torso. The index finger also protrudes at a 60 degree angle.

  3. ) A healthy male in his thirties has an erection that forms about a 90 degree angle with his torso. The strength of the erection is represented by the middle finger.

  4. ) A healthy male in his forties has an erection that forms about a 105 degree angle with his torso. The ring finger is a good representation of the erection.

  5. ) A healthy male in his fifties has an erection that forms about a 135 degree angle with his torso. The small finger also forms a 135 degree.

Male Body Dimensions Calculator

The Data provided here is only a Statistical Guideline - Consult Your Physician about Your Personal Body Type and Lifestyle.
Male Body Calculator
Wrist Size: Inches Your ideal body measurements are: Chest Size: Forearm Size: Waist Size: Thigh Size: Hip Size: Calve Size: Bicep Size: Neck Size: Penis Girth: Length:

Use the above guidelines when determining biological age or health condition. If the angle of the erection is determined to be close to one of the above categories, then the age corresponding to that category will be the biological age. For instance, a forty-year old man who has a 66 degree erection (equivalent to that of men in their twenties) will be, biologically, about twenty years old. The healthier a man's sexual glands are, the smaller his erection angle will be.

How to Check the Health of Your Prostate

The cause of prostate problems can be found through determination of the ejaculation and the semen. Since ejaculation is a function of the prostate gland, any problem with ejaculation points to a problem in the prostate. There are five symptoms to look for:

  1. .The semen is not shot out as far as it should be. The prostate is functional but weak. (see problem #4)

  2. . An abnormally small amount of semen. About one tablespoon of semen is considered to be normal. Any amount less than this indicates digestive problems, weakness in the stomach and spleen-pancreas, or muscle disorders, which are related to the digestive system, according to Taoism. (Semen that is rather clear is thin in consistency. When the semen is thick in consistency, as it should be, it is opaque. Problems in the digestive system are also the cause of clear semen.)

  3. . Abnormal semen. Normally, semen smells and tastes like Vitamin B (by popular vote). It should also be rather sweet. If it is:

    • too sweet, too much milk was ingested.
    • salty-tasting, disease, especially VD, is indicated.
    • Bitter-tasting semen indicates high levels of toxins in the body.
    • smells badly in the morning after intercourse (the woman will notice a "dead fish" odor coming from her vagina - a woman naturally smells fresh - when she's clean), a problem in the liver or nervous system of the man is indicated. Bad-smelling semen indicates that the liver (and lymphatic system) is not filtering out the body's toxins properly. This condition is especially noticeable in men with foreskins because the skin folds trap a great amount of semen. The next morning after intercourse, the odor will be obvious. This is not to say that men with foreskins are likelier to have this problem, only that foreskins make the problem more apparent when it exists.

  4. . Dripping semen. During ejaculation, instead of shooting out, the semen drips out of the penis. Young boys with a great deal of vitality can propel their semina with such great force that the semina land six feet away. In that respect, some men remain as 'young boys.' This vitality is gradually lost as boys grow older; few are able to retain the ability to propel the semen far. The dribbling during ejaculation indicates problems in the adrenal gland, the kidneys, and the bones (arthritis). That's why the semen of a fifty-year old man with arthritis usually drips out during ejaculation.

  5. . Impotence, or the inability to retain an erection or reach ejaculation, indicates a weakness in all four erection energies-blood, muscle, nerve, and bone, a lack of vitality in the entire body.

Problems with the prostate must be resolved through proper ingestion of herbs and foods and use of Internal Exercises. If ignored, the man's health will deteriorate. Unfortunately, men are reluctant to discuss these problems.

The Importance of balance in Male Masturbation and Reflexology

Various western religions and cultures have been condemning a form of masturbation for centuries. This regular way of masturbating involves stimulation of a particular area of the penis until semen is ejaculated. From the Taoist point of view, this way of masturbating is unhealthful since nutrients, energy, and other precious qualities of the semen are lost.

There is another reason why regular masturbation is unhealthful. If you are familiar with Foot Reflexology, you will know that the soles of the feet contain the endings of nerves and meridians and that various points on the feet correlate with various parts of the body. You will also know that by massaging these points, you can bring energy to their related organs. The penis, like the feet, also has reflexology points that are related to organs. (See Figure of reflexology zones of the penis) The heart zone of the penis is most easily stimulated.

reflexology zones of the penis, Click and compare to women's

If a man only massages the heart zone of the penis, he experiences pleasurable sensations and reaches orgasm quickly. During masturbation, this area generally receives the most direct stimulation, to the neglect of the other reflexology zones - One organ, the heart, is over-stimulated while the other organs are under stimulated. This creates an internal imbalance.

The following story, reported by a sex counselor who took Taoist sexology, illustrates the consequences of internal imbalance. A married couple came to see this counselor after the husband had experienced what he thought was a heart attack. He was sent directly to the hospital where the staff examined him, found nothing wrong with him, and sent him home. The couple was not satisfied. Knowing that this counselor had studied Taoist approaches to health, they visited him to ask him about the possible cause or causes of the problem. The counselor asked them when the "heart attack" had occurred and they replied that it had occurred at about nine o'clock at night. Then he asked them what they had been doing just before it happened, and they replied with much embarrassment that they had been making love:

"How were you making love?" 
he asked.  
This was a bit too specific for them 
and they replied that they were 
"just making love" 
When the counselor stressed that it 
was important for him to know exactly 
how they were making love, the woman 
admitted that she had been playing 
with her husband.  
"How were you playing with him?" 
the counselor asked.  
Finally she admitted that she had 
"sucked" him.  
"Which part did you suck?" 
he insisted.  
Flustered, the woman replied that 
she had licked and sucked the head 
of the penis and that suddenly her 
husband had his "heart attack."  
The counselor said, 
"All right, don't ever do it again!"

He explained to them that by sucking the head of her husband's penis, the woman over stimulated his heart and his lungs, and that such stimulation was more than his heart could handle. What they thought was a heart attack was just a rapid speeding up of the heartbeat due to the stimulation she gave him on the reflexology point. (I guess I've given another weapon to the vengeful women out there.)

Imbalanced penile stimulation is harmful. You should avoid applying too much stimulation on one part of the penis. You must maintain a balance. Of course, everyone is different, so you will have to experiment to find out what is the right amount of stimulation for you. The unregulated way of masturbating can be harmful for the same reasons. When masturbating most men concentrate on one specific spot of the penis, the spot that is most erotogenic. Unknowingly, these men stimulate and over stimulate only one part of the body through concentrated stimulation of a particular reflexology zone.

When a man masturbates, he should give equal attention to the entire penis, head and shaft. By masturbating in a balanced way, he can masturbate as much as he wants without doing harm. Unless he ejaculates.

As already stated, you will lose vital substances and energies when you ejaculate. Excessive ejaculation is not just harmful, it is disastrous. You cannot lose vital energy and still remain healthy and you certainly cannot lose that much and still increase your lifespan. (This may be your goal since you have read this far.)

Unfortunately, masturbation is very easy to do-and over do. People do not realize how badly they are depleting their bodies through excessive ejaculation, until it is too late. Masturbation is not a matter of morality; it has nothing to do with morality. It is a scientific fact that if you engage in excessive masturbation you may be harming yourself.

You can distinguish those who masturbate excessively from those who do not by the color of their skin, which is generally very pale, often with a yellowish cast (jaundice). Their eyes are frequently dull due to the depletion of energy. Their thinking is slow, they lack ambition, and they are depressed. All this results from excessive masturbation.

According to old wive's tales, masturbation will lead to blindness, memory loss, and mental problems. According to Taoist teachings, any sexual activity will lead to these problems, when Taoist methods are not used. (The pretentiousness of Taoists led to the schism between Taoism, Buddhism, and other eastern philosophies.) Sexual depletion affects the pituitary gland, which controls the memory function. The body's circulation and metabolism, both of which affect the feeling of general well-being, are also affected.

If you practice Taoist masturbation-that is, masturbation without ejaculation-you can masturbate ten times or one hundred times a day without doing harm. In fact, doing so would benefit your entire body, because your entire body is energized uniformly when the entire penis is massaged. (But I am not giving license to you guys to drop everything and go crazy!)

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