Facial Analysis: Determining the Sexual Organs

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"How do I know if I am compatible with another person just by looking?"

  1. Introduction to Determining Compatibility of Sexual Organs
  2. How to Determine Length and Shape of a Man's Penis
  3. How to Determine Size and Shape of a Woman's Vagina
  4. Men and women share a few characteristics in facial analysis
  5. How to Determine how you fit in
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Introduction to Determining Compatibility of Sexual Organs

Today we can use some of the Taoist techniques to assist us in choosing a mate. According to Taoist theory, the face reveals everything. If you know the techniques of facial analysis, you can analyze a person's complete personality simply by observing his face. Additionally, you can determine the size and shape of the vagina or penis from the face and the fingers (discounting any possibility of plastic surgery). This is fortunate because it is important that the vagina and penis be compatible.

For example, a woman with a long vagina would need a long penis for a perfect fit. A woman with a wide vagina would require a thick penis. (Unfortunately, you will have to forget what they taught you in the schoolyards and porno theatres, boys and girls: You can't just put together just any penis and vagina for a proper relationship. They should be matched for true and long-lasting happiness in finding the person you love.)

There are a few physical characteristics which give clues as to the length and shape of the penis. These clues are about 90% accurate since they are formed upon the theories of acupuncture-which, in practice, is always personalized according to each individual.

How to Determine Length and Shape of a Man's Penis according to his Overt Physical Characteristics:

  1. A man who has a long nose and long fingers will have a long penis.

  2. If he has a short nose and short fingers, he will have a short penis. (The women who have utilized the cuff of the wrist to the tip of the pinky theory have been correct.)

  3. If a man has a long nose and short fingers, or a short nose and long fingers, he will have a medium-length penis.

  4. If the tip of the nose is fat, he will have a fat penis. (Thin tips indicate thinner penises.)

  5. The thumb is shaped like the penis. If the thumb is shaped like a mushroom, the penis will have a large head and a narrow shaft. If the thumb is triangular in shape, the penis will be triangular also. (A mushroom-shaped penis is considered to be the best as it is the most pleasing for the woman.)

  6. mushroom and pencil shaped thumbs

  7. If the man has thick, wide lips, he will have a big penis.

More than twice as many clues about the nature and shape of a woman's vagina are obtainable from facial analysis. (These are also about 90% accurate.)

  1. If a woman has a small mouth and short fingers she will have a small, short vagina. (If the fingers do not match this description, consider only the mouth.)

  2. If she has big, thick lips, her vagina will be wide and thick.

  3. If she has deep-set eyes, her vagina will be deep.

  4. A woman with "skinny" eyelids also will have a deep vagina.

  5. skinny eyelids

  6. If her eyelids are thick and meaty, she will have a short vagina. The meatier the lids, the shorter the vagina.

  7. Thick Eyelids: Many models and actresses have thick eyelids. Why is that?

  8. If a woman has bulging eyes, her vagina will be even shorter. (Many men choose a woman with a short vagina for their own pleasure. They go into the Second Gate, or uterus. (Men think this is wonderful, but this is very harmful for the woman.)

  9. protruding eyes, think 'Susan Sarandon'

  10. A woman who is near-sighted will have a deep vagina. the more near-sighted she is, the deeper her vagina will be.

  11. If she has big, watery eyes, she will have a big, watery vagina. Her vagina, like her eyes, secrete fluids readily. (The bigger the eyes, the wider the vagina.)

  12. A woman with a wide mouth and thin lips will have a narrow (small) and long (deep) vagina.

  13. Puckered, protruding lips or protruding bone structure indicate an elastic vagina. It could be big or small, but it will be very wet, warm, and soft. It also vibrates and trembles, and it is considered by many men to be the most satisfying. Taoists refer to it as the "talking vagina." [One can imagine the kind of conversations held with "talking vaginas."]

  14. Protruding lips and bone structure...

  15. A woman who is tough and emotionless (never crying) will have a vagina that is hard and dry. (A physical 'armoring' against natural feelings of sexuality can and will lead to this psychic state of emotional 'armoring'.)

  16. If she has narrow cheeks and jaws, she will have a small, crooked vagina. If it is only slightly curved, there will not be a problem. However, if the curve is significant, she will need a long, thin penis.

  17. If she has a narrow forehead and a flat nose, she will have a short, wide vagina. (The outside will be flat; the inside, very wide but short.)

  18. If she has protruding cheek bones, called "widow bones," she will have a very deep vagina and a strong sexual desire. This is considered to be very undesirable because this type of woman is potentially able to sexually consume or devour her partner (simular to the 'Black Widow' Spider).

  19. High Widow Cheekbones - Why does the modeling industry like high cheek bones?  Maybe it's the Market!

  20. If she has a dimple, she has a very short vagina, probably a Double Ring Vagina.

Men and women share a few characteristics in facial analysis:

  1. Lines at the corner of the eye indicate that the person has a strong sexual inclination and is very approachable. Greater numbers of lines and deeply etched lines multiply this tendency. (See following figure) A person with no lines in this area has little or no sexual urge.

  2. lines at outside corner of eye, think 'Sigourney Weaver' or 'Tara Reid'

  3. Deep lines at the mouth indicate a strong sexual desire. (See following figure)

  4. deep lines at each side of the mouth

  5. A person with a long, powerful chin also has a strong sexual urge.

  6. Large Chin.  Jay Leno!

The intensity of the sexual inclination depends upon how many of these characteristics are combined as well as how pronounced they are. Of course, these characteristics can also be modified somewhat by other personality traits...

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