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What is the spiritual signifigance of males vs. females in the universe?

Women need not feel attacked or defensive; men need not take a chauvinistic approach to this information - neither emotion is correct. In fact, if any of these emotions surfaces, an inner conflict or imbalance is present within that soul and needs correction. Remember, when the ego is confronted, the cloaking devices go up immediately. Through understanding and acceptance of the symbolic representation behind the sexes, you can learn and extend the mind. When you allow the ego to block your mental extension you re-reflect your current mind patterns. The understanding of this lesson is essential for the interpretation of your dreams.

Since there is only One Universal Mind and It is All There Is, it follows that all experiences on all levels represent patterns from that Mind. Since the One Mind is singular all beings are androgynous despite the One Mind's Many apparent fragmentation's. During the drop to the physical level a separation of the so-called sexes occurs. Even in separation All are One because everyone has every attribute of The Father. The symbolism of female and male is necessary because this is a reality of opposites personifying Left and Right Brain thinking, or female and male represented by Adam and Eve, Yin and Yang

, positive and negative magnetism, etc. Men and women each have a Left Brain and a Right Brain. In this linear time line, the Father and Son are masculine (spiritual), while the Mother Earth is feminine (physical).

What are the spiritual meanings of sexual functions and dysfunctions?

Any sexual act represents a replay or re-enactment of creation in The Mind of God. The act of sex is an attempt to balance mind-patterns. Physically, females represent temptation and were genetically designed to encourage ego, so when a man is physically brutal to a woman, on a base level, it represents an attempt to overpower the ego. All sexual dysfunction including impotence stem from fear of confronting the ego. Sexual disease represent a lack of self-worth and a denial of being. Menstrual disorders represent a woman's dislike of her femininity. A heavy flow of blood represents the loss of joy of being a woman. Realize that the menstrual cycle is based on a lunar cycle which is symbolic of earth based creations. The opposite of the Sun, the Moon, represents negativity and ego. The correlation between the two is obvious. The Sun symbolizes the male, which gives energy and positive influence. The Moon symbolizes the female, which takes energy and gives negative influence.

On a physical level, the act of orgasm in the male represents the release of a thought from the Mind of God in order to create. A single ejaculation contains enough seed to populate worlds or produce multiple creations. Over a lifetime, a single male produces infinite seed - evidence of the positive male side (Holy Spirit) which has no boundaries. On the other hand, a female has a limited number of eggs that she can use in her lifetime - symbolic of the finiteness of physical reality. The act of orgasm in a female represents physical reality receiving the energy of God and using it to create life; therefore, heterosexuality is a correct illusion in this physical reality.

A female only reproduces from puberty to menopause, while a male reproduces until his physical death. Once again, the symbolism is obvious - infinite versus finite. Also be aware of the gestation period with a human being. The number 9 is important. In those 9 months, the entire range of human evolution is produced, from single cell, to sea life, to reptilian life, up to mammalian life. Monitoring the stages you can observe every phase of genetic manipulation that has occurred within mankind.

An erect penis penetrating a vagina is symbolic of a vortex of energy opening a pathway to physical reality. A sleeping erection is a spiritual state symbolizing a vortex of energy from the spiritual realm manifesting into the physical realm. Oral sex is the absorption of the understanding of the other (Holy Spirit or Ego). Making Love is the sharing between two people once each understands the other. In Knowing the beauty of making love (AKA: sexual embrace), We can understand why sex is distorted by the adversary; used and abused in many forms, it represents the fear of God. The attraction of male and female is the mind-pattern of re-unification.

What are the spiritual meanings of wedding traditions?

Wedding Symbolism

Wedding TraditionSymbolic Meaning
The Bride dressed in white walks on a white cloth as she approaches the altar.The purified and perfected ego steps into the future on a Christic path as she approaches the Altar of God.
The Bride's Family sits on the left side and the groom's family sits on the right side.Left Brain & Right Brain
The Ceremony is at the Altar.Re-unification with the Father as the Pineal Gland Comes into balance.
The physical father lifts the veil.The Father will remove the veil of illusion, clearing the vision for the ego.

"We are all special variations of the universe and within each one of us, a microcosm, which reflects and re-enacts the Nature of God as long as we are true to ourselves"

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