Healing Effects of Holdbacks on Men's Health
excerpt from Ch. 9 of The Tao of Sexology, "Man and Woman Together"

Spiritual Journey is Healing

"How can I have a healthier lifestyle and happier relationships?"

  1. Introduction: Spiritual Unrest
  2. Healing Effects on Men and Women
  3. Healing Holdbacks and Sexual Intercourse
  4. Question on Healing Holdbacks
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Introduction: Spiritual Unrest vs. Healing Holdbacks

In this century, modern science has developed and communication around the world has become very easy. Open minded youngsters have started to challenge the "traditional" and have re-entered the "experience" path of their ancestors. However, as they let go of the traditions they lose their bearings. Without experience to guide them they feel lost and their lives seem to have no meaning (to coin the phrase, "depressed teenager"). Because of this they suffer pain and confusion. In order to escape from this, they look to drugs and alcohol for temporary relief (into adulthood)! These have become an ever increasing problem: We have ignored our culture and traditions within the last century.

As the material science have developed, material enjoyments have become people's main concern. They base their feelings and self-satisfaction on the enjoyment of material things. Tradition and accumulated human emotional experience have become the major source of a generation gap. Older people have lost the respect of the younger generation and become the lost group in this modern society; this repeating cycle has led to older people who really don't care and they raise children who feel the same way. Human spiritual feelings and the appreciation of culture and fine, classic, creative arts have been downgraded. I'm not only speaking of western society. Eastern Society has also become decadent, in search of status, glamour, and western ideals while their unbalanced sexual practices create an unmatched ratio of men to women causing social unrest. In essence, they've lost their way.

Recently, within the last few decades, our society was starting to realize the value of tradition and experience. This is especially true for the knowledge and experience which are based on spiritual feelings. This new society was beginnning to understand that in order to have a happy life, you need not just material comfort, but also, and more importantly, spiritual cultivation in peace and calmness.

If there was ever a time we were completely lacking in spiritual cultivation - it's now with the ever present "finger pointing" and scapegoating as if we are back in the dark age, witch hunting trials.

Many people were starting to believe that the traditional practices of the ancient spiritual societies hold the key to solving many mental problems and improving our lives. Tradition and spiritual science were being re-evaluated. This tendency was becoming especially apparent in the last (few decades) with the increased cultural exchange between the east and west. People were getting the chance to see how people in other parts of the globe deal with life's problems.

Chi Kung (QiGong), one of the greatest achievements of China, has been discovered as one of the most effective ways to attain a peaceful, spiritual life. Imagine a culture that actually wants to achieve a peaceful, spiritual life encompassing this entire planet. Such a culture has to start from the basics - or at the root of our living function. Since we are born of the sexual function our journey begins with reconciling this function through chi kung training and using it to our advantage instead of oppressing it.

What are the Effects of Healing Holdbacks on Men and Women?

Holdbacks not only give men and women unlimited Superior Orgasms, but they also have healing effects on both men and women. In this section, the healing effects are explained.

The results of the holdbacks as given below are from the Su Nu Ching. The numbers given below contain abstract meanings and should taken seriously only by serious Nei Dan Chi Kung (QiGong) Practitioners. The basic idea of the numbers is to encourage men to practice the Holdbacks. The more Holdbacks a man does, the better his health becomes. When the man holds back he builds up the energy and nutrient levels in his body, thereby energizing and nurturing his entire body:

Number of HoldbacksBenefits to the Body
1Strengthens and energizes the body
2Strengthens and energizes the eyes and ears
3Strengthens the immune system, increases the body's reistance, and retards the aging process.
4Strengthens and energizes the internal organs
5Improves the circulatory system and prevents stroke and varicose veins.
6Energizes the bones and prevents arthritis.
7Energizes and tones the muscular system.
8Develops a strong aura.
9Heals all kinds of sickness.
10The man becomes completely psychic and very spiritual since the pineal gland is fully energized.

Why Healing Holdbacks are Best for Sexual Intercourse?

(The Holdbacks can be used during masturbation to obtain the healing benefits, but it is more pleasurable and more beneficial to use them during sexual intercourse.)

The theory of healing behind the Holdbacks is based on the ability of the semen to nurture the body. Semen, like blood, is absolute yin-the passive, feminine energy of the body and the universe. Furthermore, semen and blood are the essence (jieng the most refined part of anything) of the body. When semen is sent through the system, the whole body is restored (liann jieng huah chi:  to refine the essence and convert it into chi.) Eventually, the semen replaces the other cells of the body (liann jieng:  liann here means to conserve, to train, and to refine - a chi kung training process for protecting and refining the essence). Semen transformed through the process of chi kung exercises lasts forever - it cannot even be burned.

Buddhist monks in China use Holdbacks to pump their semina into their bodies, never losing them.

(liann chi:  to refine the chi to nourish the spirit - leading chi to the head to nourish the brain and spirit). When a monk dies, his body is cremated. Following cremation the monk's followers collect the remaining semen, impacted into diamond-like stones or balls called "Relics" (jieng chi:  essence chi - the chi which has been converted from original essence - could this be the true basis of the TV show, "Relic Hunter?"). Light, flexible, and variable in shape, these "Relics" emit many-colored lights like a prism. The "Relics" are kept in beautiful vessels in a pagoda. These "Relics" emit pure energy since flashes of light can be seen coming out of the pagoda at night.

Remember, this is the tradition of Buddhist Monks, not Taoists (religion not included). Unlike Buddhists, who deny the value of the physical body, Taoists value the body too much to burn it. Buddhists want to eliminate the body believing that its existence causes much suffering and hinders the spirit. Eliminating the present body frees the soul so that it can reincarnate into better circumstances. In their own way, Buddhists are correct because so many unenlightened people are compelled to commit sins of the flesh. Ignoring the physical body meant no inclination to sin - the faster one is in leaving the physical world in purity, the greater chance of being spiritually incarnated.

From the Taoist viewpoint, this is the wrong approach. "How can you be sure that the body you get your next incarnation will be better than the one you already have? Why work and suffer for a lifetime and then burn your body in the end?" a Taoist will ask.

Of Course, this schism in attitude led to something of a metaphysical "cold war" that has lasted for millenia between Taoists and Buddhists. We only have to look at the classic literature from that era such as "Monkey" from the 16th century which depicts Taoists as evil and Buddhists as the truly enlightened ones. During the T'ang period {618-906 A.D.}, Taoists were the only ones in their culture advocating the sexual function as a path to enlightenment while playing with one's sexual organs was "taboo" and considered evil by presiding cultural standards.

For Taoists, the answer lied in perfecting and transforming the body to spiritualize or immortalize it, to uplift it from mundane concerns. From this point of view, Taoism is more correct than Buddhism because the flesh can be made spiritual using the proper cleansing techniques. (And, whereas Taoist Sexology is oriented towards healing your partner, Buddhist Sexology is oriented more towards self preservation.)

Chi Kung (QiGong) practitioners take the best from both worlds and enhance it with the objective of transforming humanity into a powerful, peace-loving, spiritual being. Some people might think that chi kung, as a spiritual science, is a strange segueway to sexual health. For our World Spirit, holistic health and spiritual enlightenment are necessary objectives. Chi Kung (QiGong) has been an accomplished practice for myself and others throughout the millenia in comprehending and exercising spiritual science. In turn, Chi Kung (QiGong) provides the practitioner holistic health and enlightenment. Through Chi Kung (QiGong) we do not return to the explicit depths of carnality of animists such as the ancient Egyptians nor do we sublimate our sexual energy with prohibitive, anti-social actions such as the ancient Romans.

Through Chi Kung (QiGong), what we really accomplish is internal alchemy; not with the objective of raising ourselves beyond humanity, but returning to our full, God-Given capacity as human beings through internal cultivation.

Believe it or not, our first reaction to the world and people around us is in terms of our sexuality, firmly anchored to the lower level reasoning of our limbic systems. One of the basic premises of Chi Kung (QiGong) is to increase our higher level reasoning. Unfortunately, most of "cultured" humanity neither sees nor feels their selves as being part of a larger, cosmic stream with the same, basic longing for convergence, so we belittle our sexual function and sweep it into the same pile as all other "taboo" subjects as part of our lower level reasoning process.

From the perspective of higher level reasoning, our sexuality is at the base of our existence in this physical world, but our understanding from a spiritually scientific point of view lifts the human spirit above basic procreation. We can exercise the ability to change ourselves for the better and create strong roots for our health in the most basic function known as "sex" through Chi Kung (QiGong)...

Question on Healing Holdbacks

Question from a reader:
I have a great question for you. All this started very long ago...maybe 8 years back. I used to do holdbacks without knowing any of the benefits.. maybe four to five times every day and then I would release. I found people telling me I was becoming very handsome.. but I did not know the reason behind it. But slowly from the year 2000 I started to experience all problems.. fatigue and my health turned to worse.. again I did not know why.. I consulted many doctors but everybody said the same.. you are fine. Then I researched on this habit... and found this was true that holdbacks did the trick for me to become smart but release led to my down fall. I am back on the same re-trail and my health is improving. The only problem I am facing is that I can't do the holdbacks daily as before as I feel my prostate is getting fatigued and I have to leave a gap of 1 or 2 days.. all this without release. Any suggestions to sort this problem out?

Answer from Randolph @ HealingMindN
Since you are 8 years older from when you started with the holdbacks, I have many questions for you. I also hope that I have many answers for you. Among these answers, I can only hope that one of these fit your present disposition.

My first question is: Why did you start doing holdbacks at all? What was your objective? A person needs focus to accomplish any goal; the healing holdbacks are no exception. Mind and intent form the root of your objective. Your mind must be focused on Health and longevity. Without focus, your mind has no root. Without root, your practice has no meaning, so it can falter.

The ultimate goal of Taoist Sexual Practice is spiritual cultivation and internal alchemy using proper methodology. A person must be 100% committed to the proper method of internal cultivation or else he is like a plane trying to lift off with all the bolts and screws loose. Since you were practicing your method 4 or 5 times a day this may have been partly beneficial, but also partly damaging, internally, because you are still losing part of your essence during the release and the other part of your essence may not have been guided correctly. In order to avoid damage, one must adhere completely to the procedures within Taoist Sexology without straying. Please keep in mind these are only guidelines provided at on Taoist Sexual Health.

If you were were practicing some form of holdback for years without the necessary understanding of physiology and chi circulation, then you may have some kind of damage to the surrounding tissue of your prostate. In this case, I recommend that you see an gastroenterology internalist to examine you, if you have not done so already.

Since you were practicing holdbacks which eventually led to a ejaculation for years I have to ask you: How did you learn about holdbacks in the first place? Who or What was your primary source of information for sexual health? This is a source of concern for everyone because a lot of misinformation is handed between peers at school - mainly from older to younger kids. Friendstease, I do not know if this applies to you, but I can only assume that you started pretty young since you were managing 4 or 5 times a day about 8 years ago. I can only imagine that you, like so many, may have been influenced by some bad heresay. (Please forgive me if I'm wrong.)

Allow me to digress for a moment: As of late I have read about older kids teaching younger ones something called the "choking game." This is a deadly fetish known as autoerotic asphyxiation. Unfortunately, younger kids are not only learning about this (from older kids); they are dying from this. Over the years they have been labeled as suicides, although no evidence would indicate such a motive. All that ignorant, hard-headed kids know is that they can get an instant high by cutting off the oxygen to their brains. Like smokers they get hooked to this false euphoria in spite of headaches and memory loss while ignoring the risks and taking a 100% chance of instantly dying.

Parents should research this. Look for the signs. Assume, RIGHT NOW, that your child IS taking bad advice. Please Ask your kids what kind of strange ideas are being conveyed to them from other kids (especially the older ones). My nephew passed away from this; there was evidence that he was a victim of this devil's work known as the "choking game" because he was so trusting of the emotionally disturbed kids around him. The radical left high school system started him with anti-depressants, notorious for causing thoughts of suicide, then the same system put him in a class filled with emotionally disturbed kids whereas my nephew only had a learning disability. (They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily. They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth. [Psalms 73:8-9])

Back to Friendstease, let us assume that you are following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Let us also assume that you have been to an gastroenterology internalist who has already given your prostate a passing grade. If you will remember from Male Rhythm Theory in Taoist Sexology, the formula: Age X 0.2 = frequency of ejaculation in days. You can assume that this formula applies to you, therefore you must take your present biological age into consideration; since you have allowed ejaculation, this does not count as a HEALING holdback, so your sexual health is average.

What you are describing is a partial holdback that may have done you more harm than good to your chi circulation. Only a doctor who works in energy therapies such as an acupuncturist can determine if you have chi blockage of any kind.

A mainstream medical doctor can only find the problem AFTER it occurs. A doctor using energy related therapies can find the problem BEFORE it occurs. If you are afraid of needles, then you only need to call around to find who is working with advanced energy therapies such as radionics or plasma energy. There are extremely advanced, computerised methods now available that can diagnose problems immediately. Some of the most advanced practitioners use computer diagnosis equipment such as the QXCI or the Harmonic Translator. You need only do a search on the web to discover this equipment. The problem is finding out who is using it in your area. For lack of more advanced practitioners in your area, I also recommend looking up naturopathic physicians, homeopathic physicians, and even chiropractors.

My question now is: Exactly what method are you using for healing holdbacks? As I have stated before this site is only a guideline to stimulate those who are interested into doing in-depth research. The methods offered at this site are akin to trying to teach a school of martial arts through the web; this is impossible and can only be done in person under the close supervision of a master sifu/sensei. This same principle applies to the guidelines at this site; I would prefer that a student researches all aspects of Taoist Sexology in depth and asks other experts in the field for their opinions before even considering the practice of healing holdbacks.

Let us assume now that the energy therapist has given you a passing grade. Let us also assume that you are following the correct Taoist Method for Healing Holdbacks. Now, I have to ask you about your lifestyle.

What changes have there been to your life since 8 years ago? How have your relationships been? Do you presently have a sex partner? If so, how is your relationship going right now? If you are in a happy relationship, does your sex partner understand what you are doing as far as "healing holdbacks?" Are you truly satisfied with your life or do you feel that things could be better?

I am approaching from a psychological point of view because the mind is the most important aspect of this practice. The mind must lead the essence. Unhappiness and fearfulness leads to impotence for men all over the world. There are billions of prostates out there that can manage even less than yours because of some physical or psychological ailment. (According to the male rhythm formula, your biological age = 2 days / 0.2 = 10; you have the biological age of a 10 year old! There's no problem - yet.) Use careful introspection for lack of any physical ailments. Impotence due to fear and worry is also an energy blockage that can be corrected by advanced energy healers.

In your case, you may not be impotent at all; you may be unduly worried. But, just in case you think that you're impotent, which I do not believe you are without a proper diagnosis, I recommend a Chinese Patent Herbal formula called Nan Bao (pinyin name) or "Male's Treasure" which is generally used in cases of lowered sex drive; made by the Shanxi Drug Manufactory and can be found at your local Chinese pharmacy.

Let us assume that you simply want to enhance your practice of healing holdbacks and everything else in your life is in order. I recommend another Patent Herbal formula called Chin So Ku Ching: Golden Lock Tea or "Golden Lock Consolidate Jing Pill" made by Lanchow Chinese Medicine Works. This particular formula is useful in ejaculation control for Taoist Sexual Practices.

I feel that I must elaborate on the necessary circulation of essence or jieng from injaculation because too many people believe that they can proceed immediately to holdbacks after reading a few pages at this site. Please take note of the diagram to the left.

Those of you familiar with chi kung meditation recognise that this circulation diagram is an inversion of small circulation chi kung; you need to reverse the flow of chi across the huiyin back into your tan tien in order to convert your injaculation to jieng essence. Those of you familiar with with small circulation chi kung realise that it requires at least 90 days of small circulation meditation before proceeding with grand circulation meditation. This means, at the very least, a person who wishes to correctly control his jieng must first control his natural chi circulation - which takes at least 90 days; make no mistake.

The essence must be correctly guided by the mind, first, through careful, studious experience or the essence can falter and degenerate - perhaps even turn cancerous if unchecked - and we all know how mainstream medical science is notorious for recognizing cancer only in its latent stages after it has formed a tumor, growth, or ulcer.

Yes, incorrect holdbacks can be dangerous if practiced with ignorance of the consequences; it is akin to muscle/tendon changing and marrow/brain washing chi kung. These are very powerful disciplines which require 100% commitment by the practitioner to the correct methodology or else he will end up suffering ill health and short life. As I said before, this site is only a guideline to spark an interest towards your in depth studies. I do not expect anyone to begin practicing immediately from the small amount of information presented here.

So, my dear Friendstease, do not worry about the frequency with which you practice holdbacks. You must focus on doing healing holdbacks correctly. Thanks for your interest.

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